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High filler Glue Dispensing Machine

High filler Glue Dispensing Machine

Brand:D&H Adhesive Controlling Machinery


Applications:Capacitor、Driver、Transformer、Ignition coil, ballast, the inductance coil, circuit board

Suitable Material:AB Two-component Glue、Silicone、Epoxy、PU etc.



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1、Accuracy ratio,mixing&potting integration,achieve real full automation

2、Stir evenly,avoid workers matching not accurate,resulting in some waste.

3、High Precision,High Speed,Operating Easily

4、Universally used,suitable for conventional capacitor,reversing radar,circuit board etc

5、The programming and operation are simple,anyone can operate

6、Auto-counter function,Non-standard mode,;Liquid level alarm

7、Optional Function:Vacuum,Heating,Programmable Running Path

Technical Data

Working Area: 700*700*30mm,Customization is available based on clients requirement.

Mixing Method:Static/Dynamic

Running Path:Machine can make dot, circle, pulse signal etc.

Moving Speed:0-300mm/s


Mixing Accuracy:±1%

Tank Capacity:TankA 25L、TankB 25L,Customization is available based on clients requirement.

Ratio:1:1 - 1:10

Gluing Speed:5-66g/5s Adjustable

Air Pressure:0.5-0.7Mpa

Power Input:AC220V 50-60Hz


Weight:250KG Roughly

The Working Principle

1.Put glue A and B into the tank A and B separately; the function devices on the tanks will ensure the liquid be kept well.

2.Glue A and B will be drawn out by two sets of metering pump according to demanded weight ratio;

3.Glue A & B mixes with each other evenly in the mixer pipe; the mixture is dispensed into the programming running path via the robotic arm.

4.The machine can automatically achieve the demanded potting process by setting the glue amount and program.


大恒灌胶机The Working Principle图


Main Configuration

1.High Precision Plunger Pump

2.Three-axis robotic arm

Optional Configuration





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