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T8 tube glue dispensing vedio

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T8 tube is fluorescent lamp (Or Fluorescent lamp, light tubes, fluorescent tubes) , Diameter is 1 inch about 25mm , belong to one kind of gas discharge lamp . It use electricity in the argon or neon activation mercury vapor to form a plasma and short-wave ultraviolet radiation, make the phosphatic emit visible fluorescent lighting .

Adhesive Characteristic

Glue type : Single component silicone

Feature : High viscosity and curing in the air

Curning condition : Slowly solidified in the air

Glue dispensing process requirement

Flow : Glue dispesning evenly

Precision : Accurate glue output and movement

Stability : High viscosity glue without fluidity required stable glue output

Speed : Adjustable , muti-head design could meet up with different glue production capacity requirement

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