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Module glue dispensing vedio

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LED Module is a widely product in led industry , which have big different in structure and electronics . It is make up from a PCB with leds and shell , Or add some control functions . The constant current source and some related cooling treatment make the led with long lifespan and high brightness .

Module Point glue dispensing process

Paster ---- reflow soldering--- electronic testing --- Board split ---- put on screw --- whole series of module bumps ---- whole series of electric testing module--- Glue dispensing ----- package

Adhesive Characteristic

Glue type : Epoxy

Glue feature : Most of glue is transparent which effected by air temperature

Main ratio: 2:1 3:1

Curing condition: Accurately ratio and stirring evenly .

Glue dispensing requirement : Fast production capacity , good curing effect and high precision glue out put .

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