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Instrument transformer multi-head glue dispensing video

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Instrument transformer , we also called mutual inductor , it called by a joint name of current transformer and voltage transformer . It could change the high pressure into low pressure , large current into small current , that could be used for testing or protection system . The function mainly change high pressure or large current into standard low pressure (110V) or standard low current (5A/1A all is rated value) , to achieve testing meter , protection equipment and assure the standard and miniaturization of automatically equipment .

Adhesive Characteristic

Glue type : Epoxy

Feature : low price glue with high additive and effected by climate

Main ratio : 5:1、10:1、3:1

Curing condition: Accurate ratio and stirring evenly

Glue dispensing requirement : Good glue curing effect without effected by climate Accurate glue output Stable machine could use general glue .

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